God .  Family .  Music .

The three most important things throughout my life have consistently been my God, my family, and my music. I grew up in a small town and in a growing church where I learned, through many hardships, that nothing is stronger than family. My heart has always been with them and they have been the foundation and growing force that has helped shaped me into who I am today.

About Me and My Music

​“Reaching my world” started out very small. For me, it was on a worship team for school and youth group during my senior year of high school.  Less than a year later I was invited to sing on my church worship team. I quickly learned how much music not only affected me, but also how much it touched people around me. I began to share a little of my own music with people and was given the opportunity to fly down to San Diego and record a song of my own! It was an experience I will never forget. At that moment things finally began to feel real to me!

​​​Dreams aren’t just something imagined but never lived. I believe God places hopes and dreams inside your heart as a way of knowing and feeling your purpose in life. No matter how far this road takes me I know that God gave me the gifts and abilities I have for a purpose, and that purpose is to give hope to people who feel there is none through the words I sing and have written from my own experiences.

​At a very young age God instilled a passion for music within me that was ever-increasing as I got older. Like most musicians, it became like breathing for me. In every moment in my life, whether it be the difficult or the happy times, I turn to music. When I was younger it was a very private thing for me. My lyrics and emotions behind my music stayed locked within a journal, only to make the occasional private appearance for… the shower.. But as I got older I felt God had placed a calling on my life to share what He had given me with other people who had the same experiences that I had written about. Through the overcoming of a lot of my fears I grew a new passion- reaching my world through my music.